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Father Nicholas Gruner at the Vatican recently with The International Fatima Rosary Crusade's Pilgrim Virgin Statue.

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Jesus tells us "The truth shall make you free". We need to know the truth. Without it we are blind. If some people follow or lead others without the truth - "they are blind and leaders of the blind and both will fall into the pit of Hell." You need to know the truth. In these times of great apostasy it is especially necessary that you listen to Our Lady of Fatima.

She has said, "If people do what I tell you many souls will be saved and there will be peace." At Fatima, Our Lady gave us a motherly, tender invitation to obey Her and God's Message. She at the same time gave us a terrible warning. She told us that if we ignored Her Message terrible things would happen. Many souls would go to Hell for all eternity and the whole world would be enslaved by the cruel, terrible masters of the Kremlin - the Communist party.

Do not be deceived by some people who would call this Message "alarmist", "sensational", "extremist", "controversial" or "lacking in judgment" (and therefore to be ignored). Anyone who calls this Message of Our Lady by such names is not a friend of Our Lady. Such a person is not telling you the truth. Such a person is blind and those who follow him (even if he be a ''leader", a priest or a bishop) are blind. If this blindness is persisted in for a long time, both leader and follower will most likely fall into Hell.

Our Lady came to Fatima because She loves us and desires above all that we save our souls. She wants us to be happy here on earth, to live in freedom, peace and fraternal charity. She knows that to do so you must have the truth.

You have the obligation to save your souls and so you have the right given to you, directly from God, to be given the truth that will save your souls. No one has authority from God to hide (or obscure) the truth from you that will enable you to save you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, all your loved ones from Hell and Communist prisons of torture, hatred and death.

Our Heavenly Mother tells us that the whole world, including the United States and Canada, will be enslaved by Communist Russia unless we heed Her requests. Our Lady of Fatima knows what She is talking about. Yet there are people, leaders in civil society and leaders in the Church who think that they know better. There are those even in the Church who are willing to ignore and even to combat the Message of Fatima which is approved by the Church. These poor misguided people presume that they know better than Our Lady does.

Among such people, there are some "blind lay leaders" who in the name of "blind obedience" will try to hide the truth from you. They do this because by their defective notion of obedience they justify to themselves the attempt to "deceive the elect'' for the sake of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement.

That the Agreement exists is beyond question. We have established it in Issue No. 16 and No. 17. It is published again by Father Floridi, S.J., in his book just off the press, Moscow and the Vatican. There are many sources of information confirming such an Agreement. But because it requires courage to publish such facts fearlessly - some people label us "controversial".

Should "controversial" truths be told to you? We think that the Message of Our Lady of Fatima must be made known, because by not knowing and obeying it, you will be enslaved by Communist Russia, you will be cruelly treated, many of your good friends (maybe even your children) will be brutally murdered.

We think that most people love their homes, themselves, their wives, their husbands, their children, their parents, relatives, friends and neighbors. We think that this love for yourselves and your friends and neighbors includes wanting them to know the truth so that following it they will be able to live in happiness, peace and freedom.

You want the freedom to obey God and worship Him without being put to the test of having to choose between dying a martyr or going to hell. Yet this is what awaits you in your own homeland if the Message of Our Lady of Fatima is not more widely known and acted upon very soon.

Thus you can see, that if we hid the true Message of Our Lady of Fatima from you, we would be guilty of betraying you into the hands of your enemies, the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima. We know by your letters that you want us to be honest with you. You want us to tell you the truth necessary for your salvation, even when it hurts.

It pains us, as it would any loyal Catholic layperson or priest to speak openly of the opposition to the Message of Fatima by some laymen, some priests and some bishops. We have not openly reported this fierce opposition from within the Church without having reflected upon it seriously.

Upon reflection we realize it is our obligation to relay this truth to you even though it is painful to you and to us. But Jesus says, "The truth shall make you free" and although publishing this truth is painful, it is most useful. It is most salutary and worthwhile for your freedom, peace and salvation.

In fact, in the past, out of loyalty to the Church, and to avoid possibly "scandalizing the weak", I too have felt obliged to hide from the public the various facts which show the opposition to Our Lady by people who should know better. But it is out of the same loyalty, to the Church and to your souls that I, in good conscience now know that it is necessary to tell you that there is a deliberate effort to silence, or at least to obscure the full Message of Our Lady of Fatima, in particular in that part that refers to Russia.

Since the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima (and those who aid these enemies by their misplaced "blind obedience") have been able up to now to count on our silence (whereby we did not openly expose their tactics of deception) which we maintained out of our loyalty to the Church, they have been able to continue distorting and falsifying the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

Some of them accomplish this while at the same time appearing to be piously in favor of the Blessed Virgin. No doubt some of these blind people are doing this for the misguided motive of obeying the directives of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement. In their blindness they perceive this "blind obedience" to be somehow holy.

As we have demonstrated for those who have eyes to see, in Issue Nos. 1617, and 18, that what has been done to implement the Vatican-Moscow Agreement is intrinsically evil. It can, in the long term, never be justified either by "obedience" or by the "holiness" of those who are responsible for imposing this betrayal on the Church. For those who do not choose to reason, then of course we cannot reason with them. To our reasoning, from some, we have received only refusal to reason.

There is only one answer to fallacious reasoning and that is true reasoning which exposes error. So there is only one way to stop lies, that is by giving the real facts (authenticated and verifiable) to prove (if possible out of the mouths and pens of those who practice deceit) that the falsehoods perpetrated with even "pious" motives and alleged interviews are indeed false.

Thus when it comes to the attempts to muzzle the truth that will set you free — there is only one way to respond to their unjustified tactics and that is to proclaim ever more loudly, clearly and widely what the truth is. Upon realizing that the only way to bring the full Message of Our Lady of Fatima to you is by proclaiming it fearlessly and openly - we have done so. At the same time, in the past we have sought to save face for those who practiced deceit, trusting that the grace of God and their cooperation with God's grace would change them and that the deception would cease.

In the meantime, we published information that corrected their disinformation. We have done this consciously for the past three years. We had hoped that the blindness that had caused them to err would be taken away. There was in 1983, some sign that in fact, these people had started to change and to report to you the truth, that is, part of it.

It is now evident since the disinformation tactics have continued that our obligation is now to proclaim more zealously the Message of Our Lady of Fatima and at the same time expose the various tactics employed by groups and individuals to silence Our Lady and Her Message.

By exposing these tactics and the persons and groups who have used these disinformation techniques against Fatima and against your own need for the truth, we seek to help you save your souls. Pope Pius XI warned that such tactics would be used against Catholic apostolates by the Communists (See "Pope Pius XI - 'Divini Redemptoris'"). We seek to save your friends, family and yourself from Communist tyranny ruling here in your homeland.

It is for this reason that we bring to you the fruit of four years' research of Frère Michel. He in turn, relies heavily upon the fifteen years of research of Father Alonso, who, in his research, wrote 14 volumes on the Message of Fatima and the facts surrounding the Message. His monumental work is presently forbidden to be published. Yet, Frère Michel, who is free to speak and write has in this issue, demonstrated the essential truths you need to know about the Third Secret.

It is in the same light that we expose to you some very important insights into how the leadership of a certain lay organization, it seems, has sought to mislead you. We tell you this so that you will not be deceived, nor be obstructed by the blind, who seem to be following others who are even more blind.

Upon reading Father Paul Leonard's research and penetrating analysis of the problem, I realized that I am now obliged to publish his findings. Otherwise, I would be guilty of perpetrating the deception foisted on the public these past four years. In the hope that the leaders of this group would yet correct their errors of misrepresentation, I have not published their names. I trust this act of charity will be respected.

The policy of deception and silencing goes back much further than just the 1982 "bogus interview" referred to by Father Paul and the recent attempts to silence The Fatima Crusader. In fact this policy may be dated back to at least 1960. Frère Michel points out various aspects of these "official" deceptions and acts of silencing Fatima in his masterful article on the Third Secret: "The Third Secret Revealed ..."

The Third Secret is meant to be revealed. It should have been revealed in 1960. Our Lady Herself has commanded that it be revealed in 1960. We are now living through this Third Secret. We still should have the Third Secret fully revealed to us.

As we have done in our other articles, we do not expect you to necessarily believe what we say just on our own testimony. Father Paul and Frère Michel, as true scholars, have given you their sources and references to support their findings, thus allowing you to see for yourselves. If you want a more complete analysis of Frère Michel's work, read his books "Toute La Vérité Sur Fatima". These three volumes are the most complete set of books on Fatima published today.

Frère Michel's article is the outgrowth of his talk given at the Vatican Symposium on Fatima on November 24, 1985. I was privileged to be the organizing sponsor of this symposium on behalf of the International Fatima Rosary Crusade. What some people find very astounding in Frère Michel's research as well as in Sister Lucy's official pronouncement of March 19, 1983, is that Sister Lucy herself has been officially silenced now for over 25 years.

Sister Lucy is still with us. She is 79 years old this year. Our Lady of Fatima left her among us to make known this Message of Fatima and yet she has been silenced. What a great loss to the Church. To understand the magnitude of this loss, we should for a moment consider the greatness of the Miracle that endorsed not only the Message of Fatima but also certified Sister Lucy as truly a prophet of God.

But there isn't much time left. Sin has increased by leaps and bounds with 50,000,000 abortions annually around the world. The blood of these innocent suffering little victims, in their mother's wombs, cries out to God for vengeance. Time is very short. It is necessary to reach many more people to respond to the silence and the deceptions and the underhanded tactics which have for too long now, hidden the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

We are the only wide circulation Fatima magazine bringing you all the facts, clearly, unambiguously, and faithful to Our Lady of Fatima without compromise. We can only appeal to you in Our Lady's name to help Her proclaim ever louder Her Message. Our Lady is depending on you and me to spread Her Message.

I cannot do it without your help. Help Our Lady spread Her Message by your prayers, by your sacrifices and by telling your friends and neighbors about Her Message. Obtain extra copies of this and other issues of The Fatima Crusader and pass them on to all persons of good will whom you meet.

As Pope John Paul II said, "The Message of Our Lady of Fatima is meant for every human being." Our Lady has blessed you with many gifts and She is relying upon you so that Her Message will not be silenced. Unless we can pay $200,000 that we owe for publishing this issue to over 400,000 people, we will not be able to continue proclaiming the truth, the whole Message of Fatima.

Please do not allow us to be blacked out, silenced like Sister Lucy has been. Send us $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford so that we can pay off our debts and reach many more people.

We know that you appreciate the fact that we tell you the truth and do so clearly and unambiguously. There are many other people who would like to know it too. Through the generosity of others Our Lady was able to reach you. Through your generosity, you will be able to touch other souls for Our Lady of Fatima.

Together with Father Victor Soroka and Father Michael Jarecki, I give you my priestly blessing. May God bless you and may our Heavenly Mother Mary draw you ever closer to Her Divine Son Jesus.

Sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,     

Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D., (Cand.)

P.S. The opposition of some people to this work we do leads some lay persons to wonder if we are in good standing with Mother Church. Let me assure you that all the priests involved in this work are in good standing under Pope John Paul II and our own bishops and religious superiors. A few years ago I was given in writing, by the Pope's personal secretary, a notification that Pope John Paul II did bless me in this work I do for Our Lady of Fatima.

P.P.S. Please send us your tax-deductible contribution today in order to ensure that the Message of Our Lady of Fatima will not be silenced. Do not allow us to be blacked out like Sister Lucy has been.