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St Francis’ Cry of Love Today

St. Francis’ Letter to all
Bishops, Priests and Deacons

"My Heart is burning with desire to attract souls to Itself in order to forgive them."
Jesus seeks you to console Him for outrages and negligences committed against Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

We clerics cannot overlook the sinful neglect and ignorance some people are guilty of with regard to the holy Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are careless, too, about His holy name and the writings which contain His words, the words that consecrate His Body. We know His Body is not present unless the bread is first consecrated by these words. Indeed, in this world there is nothing of the Most High Himself that we can possess and contemplate with our eyes, except His Body and Blood, His name and His words, by which we were created and by which we have been brought back from death to life.

Those who are in charge of these sacred mysteries, and especially those who are careless about their task, should realize that the chalices, corporals and altar linens where the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ are offered in sacrifice should be completely suitable. And besides, many clerics reserve the Blessed Sacrament in unsuitable places, or carry It about irreverently, or receive It unworthily, or give It to all comers without distinction. God's holy name, too, and His written words are sometimes trodden underfoot, because "the sensual man does not perceive the things that are of the Spirit of God." (I Cor. 2:14)

Surely we clerics cannot be left unmoved by loving sorrow for all this; in His love, God gives Himself into our hands; we touch Him and receive Him daily into our mouths. Have we forgotten that we must fall into His hands?

And so we must correct these and all other abuses. If the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ has been left abandoned somewhere contrary to all the laws, It should be removed and put in a place that is prepared properly for It, where It can be kept safe. In the same way, God's name and His written words should be picked up, if they are found lying in the dirt, and put in a suitable place. We all know that we are bound to do this, according to the law of God and the prescriptions of Mother Church. Anyone who refuses to obey should realize that he will have to account for it before our Lord Jesus Christ on the day of judgment.

Anyone who has this writing copied, so that it may be obeyed more widely, can be sure that he has God's blessing.

(St. Francis of Assisi)