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In Defense of God’s Right

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Recently, while I was being interviewed for a radio show, I was asked a question that previously a Bishop had put to me. In brief, the question I was asked is, “How can the Pope and the Bishops consecrate Russia without the Russians’ consent?” This is a very important question for us to answer, so that all will know that THE BISHOPS DO NOT NEED THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OR OF THE PEOPLE OF RUSSIA BEFORE THE POPE AND BISHOPS OBEY THE COMMAND OF GOD TO CONSECRATE RUSSIA.

In reply, let us first note that the atheistic regime of Communism was imposed by satan upon the majority of Russians who were believers in 1917, without their prior consent.

Furthermore, satan does not have any right to impose his rule anywhere. Nor is it right for the atheists and the impious to rule over God-loving people. On the contrary, God, Who owns everyone and everything because He is their Creator, has the RIGHT OF ABSOLUTE DOMINION over all things and persons.

A man enjoys a limited right of ownership, yet do we say to a man, “By what right do you use your wood to make a table?” “Maybe it wants to be a chair.” God owns us and Russians and all of creation much more absolutely than any man can own a piece of wood. That is because as Creator, He made us out of nothing and therefore owns all of creation absolutely. He has the absolute right of using us or any part of His Creation as He sees fit. He decided that He wants Russia and her people to be set aside for His service in a special way. He has a right to so decide as Creator.

The Absolute Dominion, the Absolute Ownership by God, is very different from the right that a man exercises. A man or woman can be said in one sense to own his/her own body. But this is true only in a limited sense. Speaking more precisely, a person is only a steward of all that he owns, including his body. In relation to other human beings, each one can be said to be owner of his own property and body. But in relation to God, we are only stewards, managers, administrators of those goods that God has entrusted to us to administer for His Honor and Glory. At the end of each of our lives we will have to give an accounting of how we have used God’s possessions that He left us on earth to administer for Him. Thus, God will demand an accounting of those women who used their bodies to kill their babies, while saying, “We have a right over our own bodies.”

Similarly, God will demand an accounting of the Pope and Bishops who have the priestly power to consecrate Russia but do not use it as He commanded. Similarly, He will demand an accounting of us who did not use our resources and powers to do what we can to live, to spread the Message of Fatima and to see to the extent of our power that the Message of Fatima is known and obeyed by those around us.

Thus God, by His Absolute Dominion over all of Creation, can rightly indicate that He wants a certain country and people to be set aside for His service. It is His right. Neither we nor anyone else has a right to oppose the Consecration of Russia to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. To oppose this right of God would be a sin. No one can rightly oppose the Consecration of Russia — not even the Russians. No one, least of all the Pope and the Bishops, should be deterred from obeying God or working to see that God is obeyed in this matter. Not even the objections of atheists or diplomats who try to placate the atheists should deter the Bishops from obeying God.

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God has given to the Pope and the Bishops the high-priestly power of dedicating and consecrating people and things to His service. God gave them this power to use according to His will. Through the Message of Fatima He clearly commands the Pope and the Bishops to use this priestly power in favor of Russia, which has been specially chosen by God.

The Church has rightly understood that the will of the people is not needed before that people is consecrated to God. Thus the whole world was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Pope Leo XIII over 80 years ago. The world was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope Pius XII, Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II. All the people and governments of the world were not consulted before the Popes made these Acts of Consecration.