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Your Eternal Destiny

Behold the price of your redemption!

The one fact that you were created and are now living implies that other fact that you have an eternal destiny. This is God’s decree which you are powerless to change. Death is not the end of your existence. Your body will die, it is true, but your soul will continue to live on forever.

In the judgment after your death your soul’s eternal lot will be definitely decided. If it is perfectly free from sin and punishment of sin, it will enter Heaven directly. If it is in the state of mortal sin, it will be condemned to eternal punishment in hell. If it is in the state of grace but has not fully satisfied for its sins, it will be detained in purgatory till full satisfaction has been made. After this, it will be admitted into Heaven.

After death your soul alone will enjoy the bliss of Heaven, or suffer the misery of hell, until the day of the last judgment. On that day your body which had been reduced to dust, will be fashioned anew by the almighty power of God, and reunited to your soul as it was in life, and thereafter both your soul and body as the very same person that you are now will for all eternity either enjoy the unspeakable bliss of Heaven, or suffer the unutterable misery of hell.

Eternity! Eternity! How terrible and terrifying a thought to sinful and sensual men and women; but how consoling and gladdening to all who love God ardently and serve Him with filial and whole-hearted devotion!

“In all thy works remember thy last end, and thou shalt never sin.”

- Ecclus. 7:40

Program of Life

Always keep in mind that your life on earth is meant to be a preparation for Eternity, and that your Eternity will be just what you make it now.

That the Eternity which will be yours may be a happy one, you must now diligently attend to the practice of the following important points:

1. Always live in the state of Sanctifying Grace — free from mortal sin; else you cannot gain merits for Heaven.

2. Always seek to know, love, serve and glorify God.

3. Practice an ardent personal love of Jesus Christ and imitate Him faithfully.

4. Think often of the painful sufferings and death which He endured for your sake.

5. Foster a childlike and tender devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

6. Frequently invoke the angels and the saints.

7. Pray frequently and receive the Sacraments devoutly and profitably.

8. Save your soul — your immortal and only soul.

9. Avoid hell at any cost — of money, friends, life.

10. Strive to win Heaven at any sacrifice.

11. Expiate your past sins before you die.

12. Flee from sin as from a venomous serpent.

13. Resist and combat your enemy, the devil.

14. Despise the world and its vain pleasures.

15. Fear God and trample on human respect.

16. Subdue and control your passions.

17. Deny yourself and mortify your senses.

18. Make good use of every moment of time.

19. Labor diligently to acquire supernatural virtues.

20. Always take care to edify your neighbor by good example.

21. Be diligent in doing works of mercy and charity for the love of God.

22. Always keep yourself prepared for death — since you do not know WHEN, WHERE and HOW you shall die.

23. After death you must undergo a rigorous judgment.

24. Then you shall either enjoy for all eternity the glory and bliss of Heaven.

25. Or suffer for all eternity the fire and misery of hell.