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Rapid Response Team Rome 2017

H.E. Bishop
Bernard Fellay

Bishop Bernard Fellay is a Roman Catholic Bishop and the current Superior General of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X (FSSPX), an international religious congregation dedicated to preserving the Traditional Priesthood, the Tridentine Mass, and Catholic Doctrine. He was ordained a Catholic priest for the FSSPX in 1982 by His Grace Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. In 1988, he was consecrated a Bishop by the same Archbishop in order to facilitate the growing international work and apostolate of the FSSPX. In 1994, he was elected by the superiors of his Congregation to become the Superior General of the FSSPX. Bishop Fellay was again reelected in 2006 as the General Superior. He has now governed the FSSPX for 23 years, as well as maintaining his episcopal duties of administering the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Priesthood all around the world. He is also responsible for managing the delicate and difficult relations between the FSSPX and the Catholic superiors in Rome.
LECTURE TOPIC: Fatima and the current state of the crisis in the Church


Elena Chudinova was born in Moscow on September 3, 1959. She is the youngest daughter of the renowned Paleontologists Peter Constantinovich Chudinov and Inna Ivanovna Chudinova (maiden name Smishlyaeva). Elena is also the granddaughter of Constantine Gudrilovich Chudinov, a Zemsky figure and a traveler who was ultimately shot and killed by the Communists. Elena is a Philologist and historian by education. She is the author of a number of poetical and prose works about the Civil War in Russia, Russian and French history, and the French Chouan royalist movement. Mrs. Chudinova became famous due to her acutely polemical dystopian novel "The Mosque of the Notre Dame of Paris". The book has been translated and published in France, USA, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, and even Turkey (a pirated edition). A translation into the Norwegian language is currently being worked on. Her book about the Chouan, "Lilia", has also been translated into French. Mrs. Elena Chudinova works as a conservative public figure in modern day Russia.
LECTURE TOPIC: 100 Years After the October Revolution


Stanislav Protasenko is a former history and political science lecturer at the St. Petersburg State University (Russia) and is current coordinator of the SSPX mission in St. Petersburg. He has a thorough background in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American History. He reads and speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, as well as his native Russian. His knowledge of Russian, Spanish and Portuguese history has significantly aided his research into the history of the apparitions and messages of Our Lady of Fatima.
LECTURE TOPIC: The Fatima Epoch: Has it finshed?


Christopher A. Ferrara earned his Baccalaureate and Juris Doctor degrees from Fordham University. He is President and Chief Counsel of the American Catholic Lawyers Association. His articles have appeared in The Latin Mass and The Remnant, and other publications. He authored several books, including Liberty, The God that Failed, The Secret Still Hidden, False Friends of Fatima and translated into English Antonio Socci's book, Il Quarto Segreto di Fatima. (The Fourth Secret of Fatima). He together with John Salza debated Giuseppe De Carli at our conference in Rome The Fatima Challenge, May 2010. The results of that historic debate are detailed in Mr. Ferrara's account Vindication. It changed the landscape of the Fatima controversies forever.
LECTURE TOPIC: Intro to Fatima

Isaac Relyea

Father Isaac Mary Relyea is a traditional Franciscan priest. After a successful secular career, Father entered religious life following a reversion to the Catholic Faith. He is well-known as a powerful speaker, who has traveled internationally since ordination to preach traditional missions and speak at conferences, particularly on the "Four Last Things.".
LECTURE TOPIC: 'Beware , Our Lady of Fatima has warned us: HELL is REAL!!!'


Active in the underground Church activities during the Soviet era. Many times interrogated by the secret police, briefly jailed, expelled from university studies. Leader of the anticommunist student strike in 1989. Teacher at the first Czech private high school, founder of the Czech homeschool movement. Director of the currently defunct St. Joseph Institute, publisher of a Catholic magazine Te Deum. Politically active (pro-life activities, organizing anti-EU and antiglobalist events), but no party affiliation. Currently working as a chairman of the foundation Má vlast (My Country).
LECTURE TOPIC: Russia's Role in the Divine Plan and What She Has to Gain by the Consecration
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